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Bear These Things In Mind When Choosing gemstone jewelry

Besides accessorizing your fashion of choice gemstone jewelry allows a person to show off to their friends the gemstone ring, earring or any other gemstone piece that they are wearing that is of the best quality. You need to factor some things when you are looking for gemstone jewelry, and some of them are discussed below. The color of gemstone matters a lot. Experts say that the color of a gemstone determines 50-70 % of its value. Gemstone jewelry has an assortment of colors, and it is purely up to the buyer to buy what suits them the best.

The color of gemstone can be categorized into hue, saturation, and tone. Hue is the primary color of the gemstone. When buying a gemstone, opt for those that have a pure color. If the gemstone must have other colors, they should be minimum. The Depth of a gemstone color is known as the tone. A gemstone tone can be dark or bright. Dark, medium-dark, medium, light and medium-light are some of the tone categories of gemstone jewelry.

Some dishonest sellers will try to sell you other things instead of a gemstone. If you are keen, you can tell whether gemstone jewelry is real or not by simply taking a look. You can tell a real gemstone by seeing whether it is dark or light. The unit should have a rich and bright look.

Look at the different lights of jewelry to determine its color. Look at the clarity of the gemstone anytime you want to make a purchase. By clarity it means the absence defects inside and on the surface of the gemstone. Most units on the store are not flawless, but you should strive to get those that are clear.

The benefit of buying gemstone that is not clear is that they are cheaper, but you are going to compromise on the final look as it will look cheap. To see if the piece is clear you have to examine it with attention to every detail. If you are not good at telling if a piece has defects, you can take it to an expert who will view it under the microscope and give you the final verdict.

When you hold up a piece of gemstone jewelry that has been cut appropriately, it will reflect light across its surface. The top of the jewelry piece will look dark if it is cut too narrow or too deep. Opt for a piece that has been cut appropriately and has the shape you need. The jewelry piece you pick should be symmetrical in all dimensions to appear balanced.

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