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Shopping for Halloween Costumes in Chicago

Buying Halloween costumes in Chicago isn’t exactly a feat. For starters, there are lots of shops that sell them everywhere during the season! Many of them are also known for selling certain types of costumes. Whether you like it spooky, nostalgic, funny or just plain traditional, there will certainly be a store that sells it.

Then again, although kids have always loved certain looks, there are some things parents must consider before paying for anything.

Below are tips to keep in mind as you go shopping for those perfect Halloween costumes for your kiddos:

Flame Safety

Regardless if they’re trick-or-treating or attending Halloween parties, your kids will likely come near holiday decorations that are heated or with open flames (picture lit jack-o-lanters). While the little ones may not come in direct contact with such things, it’s still a smart idea to pick costumes that are flame-resistant. For the same reason, you should buy an all-inclusive outfit instead of experimenting with different crafting materials that could pose unanticipated risks.

Store Policies

Costume sizes can vary significantly, depending on the manufacturer and the shop that sells them. A specific brand’s size may fit great but the same size from another brand may not. Always go for sizing charts that come with exact body measurements. Very importantly, be sure to know the store’s return policies. If you shop online and get the wrong size, you shouldn’t be paying restocking fees and you should be able to return and exchange the item in time for the festivities. If you ordered a costume online and it turns out to be the wrong size, make sure there are no restocking fees to pay and that the item can be returned and exchanged in time for the Halloween events.

Weather Issues

Even if you live where summers are usually extended, always prepare for typical fall weather. Buy a costume with lots of layers or one that’s big enough to be worn on top of regular clothes. Kids will have more fun hopping from door to door if they’re warm and comfortable.

Child-Safe Accessories

Be sure the costume you pick isn’t too dependent on accessories. You don’t want a child lugging around a toy sword all night so people can identify them. Get accessories that are easy to tote as well as to do away with if needed.


Go online or do pre-shopping to get a few Halloween costume ideas for your children. Besides wide selections of complete ensembles, there are also lots of separates that you play around with while creating a whole new unique look for your child. When doing this, however, make sure to check every single component of the outfit for safety. In other words, give yourself enough time to look around instead of hurrying your way into a purchase. And again, if you live in Chicago, finding stores that sell Halloween costumes will be a breeze.

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