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How to Choose the Best Horse Saddle

For the safety of the horse rider and a horse, the correct choice of the saddle needs to be made. The decision of choosing the correct saddle depends on your knowledge and experience on horse saddles. The right saddle should fit you and your horse. The following points give guides on how to correctly choose a saddle for your horse.

Firstly, you need to define your horse activities before purchasing a saddle. It is important to note that different saddles are designed for different activities. Jumping, dressage and sidesaddle are some of the horse activities. When going for trailing, western saddle is suitable to use. It is good to choose English saddle if you know that you are going for a horse ride will involve jumping. You will always get a lot of information from the internet regarding different types of horse saddle and their usage.

The second tip for purchasing horse saddle is to decide on the material of the saddle you would like to purchase. Based on the material, we have synthetic and leather saddle. In comparison to the leather saddle, synthetic saddles are cheaper, lighter, can be cleaned easily, and the life span is shorter. It is important first of all, consider your budget so that you buy the horse saddle that you can afford. The price of leather saddle is much higher than synthetic saddle. Care need to be taken when buying horse saddle because the quality could be compromised if the retailer is not someone you can trust.

The third tip of buying horse saddle is to check on your size and that of your horse. The reason why it is important to choose a saddle that fits your horse is to protect your horse from getting health problems. It is advisable to take the width measurement of the gullet to avoid causing discomfort to your horse. The position of the rider can only be maintained with a saddle that best fits him/her. You should always approach some of the experienced riders within your proximity for advice when you want to choose the right horse saddle.

The length of the saddle is also an important aspect to consider when choosing a horse saddle. In simple terms, saddle length is the space of the back of a horse where the rider sits. The size of the saddle should not be too long because that can cause pain to your horse.

Unstable sitting position of the rider sometimes is due to the length of the stirrup. Stirrup which is very long pushing the rider to the back end of the horse’s back which results in imbalance weight distribution. Back pain may result due to bouncing movement which is caused by wrong sitting position.
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