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Anne Hathaway, the accomplished actress, is recognized for her diverse roles, from the iconic Catwoman to the beloved Princess Diaries series. Beyond her acting prowess, Hathaway’s personal life has also captured public interest. She is married to Adam Shulman, and their partnership is a subject of admiration. Interestingly, the connection between the name Anne Hathaway and Shakespeare goes beyond her fame, as Shakespeare’s wife was also named Anne Hathaway. This intriguing historical parallel adds an extra layer to her well-known persona.

Fans of Hathaway eagerly anticipated the possibility of a third installment in the Princess Diaries series, a franchise that played a significant role in her rise to stardom. Kate McCauley Hathaway, Anne’s sister, is another figure associated with her life and achievements. As of 2022, Anne Hathaway’s career continues to flourish, and she remains an influential presence both on and off the screen.


Born on November 12, 1982, Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is a distinguished American actress, renowned for her exceptional talents. Her cinematic endeavors have amassed an astounding global revenue of over $6.8 billion, solidifying her as a significant presence in the film industry. In 2009, her influence and success were acknowledged when she secured a spot on the esteemed Forbes Celebrity 100 list. Furthermore, her prominence continued to rise, and by 2015, she held her place as one of the highest-earning actresses on the international stage.

During her formative years, Hathaway found herself drawn to the world of theater, participating in numerous plays during her high school days. Her journey into the entertainment realm commenced during her teenage years, as she secured a role in the television series “Get Real” (1999–2000). However, it was her breakout performance as the lead character in the Disney comedy “The Princess Diaries” (2001) that catapulted her into the limelight.

Following a series of appearances in family-oriented films, such as “Ella Enchanted” (2004), Hathaway embarked on a transformative journey towards mature roles. This transition was epitomized by her involvement in the 2005 drama “Brokeback Mountain.” Yet, it was the delightful blend of comedy and drama in “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006), where she portrayed an assistant to a fashion magazine editor, that marked her most significant commercial triumph at the time.

Hathaway’s range and depth as an actress were further highlighted by her portrayal of a recovering addict in the compelling drama “Rachel Getting Married” (2008). This role earned her a well-deserved nomination for the prestigious Academy Award for Best Actress.

In sum, Anne Hathaway’s remarkable journey in the world of acting is a testament to her exceptional talent, versatility, and enduring presence on both the big and small screens.


Hathaway’s commitment to advocacy has extended over the long term, as she has actively championed the Nike Foundation’s cause to raise awareness against child marriage. In the month of July in 2006, she dedicated a week to aiding the vaccination of children against hepatitis A during her visit to Nicaragua. Her efforts have transcended borders, with journeys to countries like Kenya and Ethiopia to amplify the rights of women and girls.

In the year 2008, she received recognition at Elle’s Women in Hollywood event, lauding her contributions, and also secured an award from the Human Rights Campaign for her philanthropic endeavors. Further recognition came her way for her involvement with the Step Up Women’s Network in the same year. Subsequently, in 2010, she forged a partnership with the World Bank, embarking on a two-year development initiative known as The Girl Effect. This endeavor is driven by a mission to empower girls in both developing and developed nations, especially in scenarios where a substantial proportion of young women find themselves neither employed nor in school – a pressing concern that the program addresses.


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