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Emma Stone, the accomplished American actress known for her impressive talent and captivating performances, made a notable appearance in the Netflix series “Maniac.” Her involvement in the show showcased her versatility and acting prowess. At the Met Gala in 2022, Emma Stone graced the event with her presence, drawing attention with her impeccable style and elegance on the red carpet.Emma Stone’s undeniable charm and talent have often led to discussions about her popularity, with some describing her as “hot” due to her striking looks and confident demeanor. Her on-screen chemistry with Andrew Garfield, her co-star in “The Amazing Spider-Man” series, has also sparked interest among fans, fueling speculation about their relationship both on and off-screen.


Emily Jean “Emma” Stone, born on November 6, 1988, is an accomplished American actress. Her remarkable career has earned her prestigious awards, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and a Golden Globe Award. Notably, in 2017, she claimed the title of the highest-paid actress globally and secured a spot on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people.

Stone’s journey began in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she grew up. Her passion for acting ignited at a young age, as she participated in a theater production of The Wind in the Willows in 2000. During her teenage years, she transitioned to Los Angeles, where she made her television debut in In Search of the New Partridge Family (2004), a reality show that unfortunately didn’t move beyond an unsold pilot. Despite this setback, she continued to make her mark, with appearances in various TV roles.

Her talent shone brightly in a series of popular teen comedies, such as Superbad (2007), Zombieland (2009), and Easy A (2010). Among these, Easy A marked a significant milestone as Stone’s first leading role, earning her a nomination for the esteemed Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. Building on this success, she ventured into supporting roles, notably in the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) and the poignant period drama The Help (2011). However, it was her portrayal of Gwen Stacy in the 2012 superhero film The Amazing Spider-Man and its 2014 sequel that truly catapulted her into the spotlight and garnered her widespread recognition.

Personal Life:

In 2009, Stone

 made a move from Los Angeles to Greenwich Village in New York

. However, her journey took her back to Los Angeles in 2016

. Despite attracting significant media attention, she maintains a firm stance on keeping her personal life private.

 Preferring a “normal”

 existence, Stone has expressed her belief that media scrutiny holds limited value. Her passion for her craft is evident, and she draws inspiration from Diane Keaton

, admiring her as one of the most enigmatic actresses in history. Additionally, Stone looks up to Marion Cotillard

 as one of her sources of motivation.

Stone’s romantic history includes a two-year relationship with Kieran Culkin,

 her co-star in Paper Man. Subsequently, in 2011, she embarked on a romantic journey with Andrew Garfield, her co-star in The Amazing Spider-Man

, and their relationship lasted for four years. While their connection garnered attention from the media, both Stone and Garfield

 chose to maintain silence about it, although they did make joint appearances. In a notable instance in New York City in 2014

, the couple encouraged paparazzi to redirect their attention towards websites dedicated to raising awareness for causes like autism. However, by 2015

, reports emerged of their separation.


The Amazing Spider-Man(2012) अद्भुत स्पाइडर मैन IMDB rating6.9/10

Gangster Squad(2013)गैंगस्टर दस्ता IMDB rating6.7/10

Movie 43(2013)फिल्म 43 IMDB rating4.3/10

The Croods(2013)द क्रूड्स IMDB rating6.8/10

The Amazing Spider-Man 2(2014)द अमेजिंग स्पीडर – मैन 2 IMDB rating6.6/10

Magic in the Moonlight(2014)चांदनी में जादू IMDB rating6.5/10

Birdman (2014)बर्डमैन IMDB rating5.5/10

Aloha (2014)अलोहा IMDB rating5.6/10

Irrational Man(2014)तर्कहीन आदमी IMDB rating6.6/10

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping(2016)पॉपस्टार: कभी न रुकें, कभी न रुकें IMDB rating6.7/10

La La Land(2016)ला ला भूमि IMDB rating8.6/10

Battle of the Sexes (2017)लिंगों कि लड़ाई IMDB rating6.7/10

The Favourite(2018)पसंदीदा IMDB rating7.5/10

Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)ज़ोम्बीलैंड: डबल टैप IMDB rating7.6/10

The Croods: A New Age(2020)द क्रूड्स: ए न्यू एज IMDB rating6.9/10

Cruella (2021) क्रुएला IMDB rating7.3/10

Bleat(2022)मिमियाहट IMDB rating7.9/10

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse(2023)स्पाइडर-मैन: स्पाइडर-वर्स के पार IMDB rating8.8/10

The Croods(2013)द क्रूड्स IMDB rating6.8/10

Movie 43(2013)फिल्म 43 IMDB rating4.3/10

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