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In the realm of Hollywood, the name “Jessica Alba” shines brightly. Alongside her husband, Cash Warren, she forms a power couple that’s captured the public’s attention. Remembered for her roles in various films, including the iconic “Fantastic Four,” Alba’s on-screen presence and talent have left a lasting impact. Her beauty and charisma have often led people to describe her as “Jessica Alba hot,” acknowledging her stunning looks and undeniable allure. As time moves forward, fans and followers eagerly anticipate updates on her journey, curious about the latest developments in 2022 and beyond. Whether it’s her contributions to the entertainment industry or her endeavors beyond acting, such as co-founding The Honest Company, Jessica Alba’s name remains synonymous with both on-screen excellence and entrepreneurial spirit.


Jessica Marie Alba, who was born on April 28, 1981, is an accomplished American actress and savvy businesswoman. Her journey into the world of television and film commenced at the tender age of 13, with notable roles in productions like Camp Nowhere and The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994). However, it was at the age of 19 that she truly captured the spotlight as the leading lady in the television series Dark Angel (2000–2002). This role propelled her to fame and even earned her a coveted Golden Globe nomination.

Personal Life:

Throughout her adolescence, Alba was reared as a Catholic, but she left the church because she believed that others were judging her for the way she looked.

My youth pastor claimed that the reason older men would approach me was because I was dressed provocatively when in fact I wasn’t. It simply gave me the impression that I was to blame if I appealed to the opposite sex in any way, and it made me ashamed of my appearance and my gender.

The dearth of strong female role models in the Bible, as well as the church’s condemnations of premarital sex and homosexuality, were significant issues for Alba.


1: Camp Nowhere(1994)     शिविर कहीं नहीं                                                              IMDBrating6/10
2:venus rising(1995)              शुक्र उदय                                                                      IMDB rating 3.3/10

:p.u.n.k.s(1999)   पी.यू.एन.के.एस                                                                               IMDB rating4.7/10

 Never Been Kissed(1999)कभी पप्पी नहीं ली                                                                 IMDB rating6/10

:Idle Hands(1999)बेकार हाथ                                                                                  IMDB rating6.2/10

6:Paranoid  (2000)  पैरानॉयड           IMDB rating6.6/10

:The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)द स्लीपिंग डिक्शनरी                                                   IMDB rating6.5/10

:Honey  (2003)शहद                                                                                                  IMDB rating5.3/10

Sin City(2005)    सिन सिटी                                                                                     IMDB rating8/10

:Fantastic Four (2005)  शानदार चार                                                                           IMDB rating4.3/10

:Into the Blue (2005)  नीले रंग में                                                                                IMDB rating4.3/10

:Killers Anonymous(2019) हत्यारे अज्ञात                                                                         IMDB rating4.7/10    13:Camp Nowhere(2023  शिविर कहीं नहीं                                                                      IMDB rating6/10

:Little FockersSpy Kids (2007)  लिटिल फ़ॉकर्सस्पाई किड्स               IMDB rating5.5/10

Fantastic Four  Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)सिल्वर सर्फ़र का शानदार चार उदय    IMDB rating5.6/10

Trigger Warning (2007) ट्रिगर चेतावनी                                                                   IMDB rating7.1/10

17:Meet Bill   (2007)  बिल से मिलें      IMDB rating 6.2/10

:Awake  (2007) जागना        IMDB rating4.9

:The Eye (2008)  आंख     IMDB rating 5.4/10

The Love Guru(2008)द लव गुरु IMDB rating3.8/10

:The Killer Inside Me(2010)मेरे अंदर का हत्यारा IMDB rating6.1/10

:Valentine’s Day  (2010)वेलेंटाइन्स डे                                                      IMDB rating5.7/10

:Machete (2010)  एक प्रकार का कुलहाड़ा IMDB rating6.6/1024

:An Invisible Sign (2010) एक अदृश्य संकेत                                                             IMDB rating5.3/10

25:Spy Kids: All the Time in the World (2011)जासूस बच्चे: दुनिया में हर समय IMDB rating3.5/10

26:Martin Scorsese Eats a Cookie (2012) मार्टिन स्कॉर्सेसी एक कुकी खाता है             IMDB rating   4.8/10

27:A.C.O.D.(2013) ए.सी.ओ.डी    IMDB rating5.6/10

28:Escape from Planet Earth (2013)एस्केप फ़्रॉम प्लेनेट अर्थ     IMDB rating5.8/10

29:Machete Kills   (2013)हथियार हत्या करता है                 IMDB rating5.6/10

30:Sin City: A Dame to Kill For(2014) सिन सिटी: ए डेम टू किल फॉर                          IMBB rating 6.6/10

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